19.04 2017
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Aquamarine Ibiza

Yoga Retreat What To Pack – Comfort & Style – Aquamarine Kaftans

Going on a yoga retreat holiday? Whether here in Ibiza or abroad – get off to a good start by prioritising comfort and functionality but without sacrificing style.

The act of traveling can sometimes cause stress right before you leave home. Our first advice is don’t let your packing stress you out. In a previous blog we look at how you can add  “Simplicity and versatility to your travel wardrobe” and reduce the stress while packing. 

Everyone travels for different reasons, some seek adventures, others, a way to disconnect and just relax. If you need for a change from your normal routine to reinvigorate your mind and body, then a retreat could be exactly what you are looking for.. In this blog we have rounded up our top three essentials for your next yoga, meditation or detox retreat.

1. Yoga Pants & Tops

Typically on a retreat there is at least one or two yoga classes a day. So make sure to bring 1-2 sets of yoga clothes to change during the day.  Make sure to focus your clothing on comfort, as you’ll be sitting for long periods in group sessions, and spending a lot of time stretching your body, so you should consider soft fabrics and stretchable clothes. If you are going in a hot country, bring airy trousers or breathable jogger pants. Avoid anything that would stick to your body in the humidity. 

2. Kaftans

Post-yoga and poolside pampering, taking some time out to enjoy your own company, is all part of the retreat process. Drape yourself in a soft silky kaftans, accessories it with stylish jewels then sit back and enjoy your role as lady of the manor… or villa to be precise. Kaftans are a versatile option as you will be able to dress it down or up easily for any occasion.

3. Shoes

For shoes, bring something you can easily slip on and off. In the heat consider packing especially traditional flip flop or slides. You can bring a pair of wedges for when you will go out on the final dinner with your new friends.

The Okalani comes in a striking red and beige gira..
The Atamarie is easy to wear elegance and comes in..
This versatile mini kaftan in a striking navy blue..