01.02 2018
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Body Confidence Tips!

Summer bodies are made in winter and we all love to have body confidence. Our handmade silk kaftans are incredibly flattering and it is easy to feel great in them but we are all guilty of negative self talk. We have read lots of articles on body confidence then we found some key points we love on Woman’s Health we wanted to share with you the highlights.

1. Acknowledge (and Stop) Fat Talk

“Women are notorious for passing the baton when it comes to body image,” “If a woman says ‘I’m so fat,’ the other woman might feel like she has to say ‘no, I’m the fat one.  Even women who don’t feel negatively about their bodies will engage in this behavior and eventually, it can make them feel worse.

2. Put Action Before Appearance

Shift your focus from what your body looks like to what it can do, Silverman says. “Instead of saying ‘I hate my thighs,’ ask yourself: What do your thighs allow you to do?” she says. “Maybe it becomes ‘my legs allow me to take Zumba class, which makes me feel awesome.’

3. Identify Body Parts You Love

Make sure you’re also focusing on the things that you love about yourself, Silverman suggests. “Some people look at themselves in the mirror and say horrible things.

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4. Bust Out the Post-Its Changing how you talk to yourself is a habit that you have to both break and create, so expect it to take a month before positive self-talk feels like second nature. “If you’re struggling with it and you think ‘I feel like I’m lying to myself,’ ask your friends for help.” The next time a friend or family member pays you a compliment, ask them to write it down, then tape it to your mirror. ( great way to build body confidence )

5. Name Your Body Bully

Negative self-talk can feel like it’s your voice, but it often isn’t, Silverman says. She suggests that you try to figure out who or where it came from. For instance, a boy named Joe who made fun of your nose in the 8th grade. “If you have a negative thought, you can say ‘Joe, you’re not welcome here.’ You then take it off yourself and put it on an object,”

6. Hold Yourself to A Higher Standard

Why not be as nice to yourself as you are to the people you love? “Think to yourself, ‘would I say this to my best friend, or my sister, or my mother?'”

Read the article in more detail here

Good luck building your body confidence and we will see you on the beach in 5 months which is just enough time to work on your body because you love it and  not because you hate it!

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